Covendis putting The Flash to Shame

     Covendis promises efficiency and speed, and much like the comic book hero known for his lightning quickness, Covendis has shown that they will always deliver. 
     When speaking with Nebraska and Oregon program manager, Rebecca Vivas, she explained how Covendis has turned the wait time from receiving payment to its distribution to a new all-time low across all programs. When you imagine payment processing, you probably think of the average ti...

Building Relations that Last

Covendis has worked with numerous companies and agencies over the past few years throughout various states but has never forgotten the value of building lasting relationships. 

"For over twenty years, I have worked in the staffing industry.  I have supported clients in many different verticals (government, telecom, supply chain, manufacturing, retail, web services, utilities, and airlines) with their staffing/hiring needs.  Truly none are unique in what they need...